Removal Or Addition: What’s The Best Way To Treat Your Dental Enamel Issues?

The exterior of your teeth is coated in an extremely strong type of calcium made of a substance called hydroxyapatite. This acts as a shield, protecting the underlying portions of each tooth. Although it's strong, it's certainly not unbreakable. Direct trauma to your teeth can result in small cracks and chips. Wear and tear can do the same. When your dental enamel needs assistance, it's a question of whether it needs to have something added or something removed. Read More 

Two Prosthetic Devices That May Be Paired With Implants

A dental implant can be applied to complete many different types of dental restorations. The implant, which replaces the roots of a lost tooth, can be topped by a number of prosthetic devices that are used to replace the natural crown. Here are two prosthetic devices that may be paired with implants. Implant-Secured Top Dentures A traditional top denture is held in place by suction. The device rests against the soft tissues of the roof of the mouth. Read More